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Consulting Services

     Ranch River Group, Inc., is operated and managed by certified quality analysts and certified software test engineers.  Ranch River's employees are true professionals with comprehensive training and experience behind them. We are not a recruiting agency, although we do offer some limited recruiting services. If you have a current need that we cannot readily fill, we will try our best to find the right person for you.  In either case, you can feel confident that a Ranch River Group consultant is a top professional in the process improvement, software quality or software testing field.

     The process of developing quality software  requires a team effort supported by users, management, engineers and Quality Assurance / Quality Control staff.  A quality development process [a process that will build quality into the product]  must include;  the means to evaluate client and business needs; the means to implement quality processes throughout the development process; the means to measure and assess the effectiveness of the process; and the means to continually improve the process. 

     Ranch River Group's  consultants will help you assess, develop, implement and enhance your software development and business processes.  Improved and more efficient processes will increase your bottom-line and customer satisfaction.  We will  work directly with you through onsite placement; onsite or offsite training; or our ongoing mentoring services to help you ensure that your business, development, and quality  processes are inline with your business objectives. Since Ranch River Group utilizes  proven methodologies such as QAI's continuous improvement process; IEEE, ISO9000, and SEI CMM capability maturity models, we are readily able to perform the business process assessments; development process assessments; quality process implementation; and focused quality control testing efforts based strictly on your unique business objectives for you, which will help you increase product quality, customer satisfaction, and your bottom-line.

We can help you:

  • Identify specific business and development processes that will give you almost immediate ROI.
  • Develop methods that are scalable to any project for improving product quality and quality processes.
  • Facilitate quality process implementation.
  • Implement testing processes that are more focused and efficient.
  • Reinforce quality initiatives with ongoing training and mentoring.
  • Deliver quality software on time, within budget, and with higher customer satisfaction.

Contact us. We will be there for you now and in the future.



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