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Testing Services

     You know this story:  There is a delivery deadline for your software product.  You want your customers and end users to be ecstatic about the new release.  Some of the releases have not gone too well in the past, and you spent 1000s of dollars trying to fix problems after a release.  You know that better testing and quality control during the development of the product would have saved you 1000s of those dollars, as well as customer good will.  However, you didnt have the resources with the necessary skill sets to do that.  Now you have. 

     Ranch River Group can provide you with a wide variety of testing services tailored to your specific needs. Whether it is onsite testing at your location or remote testing at our testing facility, RRGs Software Test Engineers and Quality Analysts will help you develop and deliver products with the highest degree of quality.  Quality products mean dollar savings and happy customers. 

     In the testing process, many areas need to be addressed.  Ranch River Group will help you address those areas.  Areas such as: requirements based testing | test cases and test case design | test data | test script design | test automation | "clean slate" test platform | defect tracking | compatibility | functionality | performance | integration | installation | load | stress | content | and regression testing.  RRGs specialists can address many other areas for you too. 

     Our testing services are tailored to your needs and scalable.  Whether your development process is rapid application development (RAD), prototyping, object-oriented, iterative, incremental, procedural, or web based rapid deployment; RRG can provide you with the right process and solution.

     Whether your product is client/server, e-commerce, web application, stand alone client, or CD-Rom delivered, Ranch River Group can provide the testing expertise for you.  Contact us today.

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