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Company Profile

Ranch River Group, Inc., (RRG) is a  management consulting firm, based in Elverta, California, that provides consulting and training in software quality and software process improvement. RRG specializes in software quality assurance, software testing, software process assessments, software standards and procedures development, and training in each of  these areas. 

RRG's experience and expertise comes from the two founders of the corporation, Gary Mulcahy, President/CEO, and Charlotte Berta, Sr. Vice President/CFO.  Over the last 11 years, RRG personnel have provided guidance and performed services for clients and organizations such as:

  • Building  Quality Assurance departments from the ground up;

  • Training existing QA departments in quality process implementation;

  • Assessing existing software development processes and identifying immediate areas of improvement;

  • Integrating and implementing quality processes into existing software development cycles;

  • Training existing QA departments in software testing techniques, such as, requirements based testing, test planning, test plan design, test script design, test case design, and unit, integration, system, usability, performance, regression, and acceptance testing methodologies.

  • Developing metrics programs to determine product test coverage, product reliability, product risk areas, product cost analysis, and process effectiveness for area improvement determinations;

  • Designing scalable quality assurance and quality control processes to integrate with rapid application development (RAD), and prototyping development methodologies;

  • Performing multi-platform software testing; Y2K testing; Web application testing, client-server testing, n-tier testing, object-oriented testing, data integrity testing, data replication testing, and test automation.

Some of the clients and organizations that RRG personnel have performed services for are:


We invite you to browse our web site to find out more about RRG  and the services we provide. If you would like more information about any of our services or training programs, please do not hesitate contact us directly.


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