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Ranch River Group, Inc., was founded on the principles of software quality product and process improvement.  Its Vision, Mission and Goals are all geared toward helping others bring quality improvement to their software products and development processes.  

Our Vision

To become the preferred provider of quality education, tools, and personnel to agencies and businesses seeking to improve their software development processes

Our Mission

Ranch River Group, Inc. is dedicated to bringing the power of scalable, results-oriented, high-end information quality solutions to agencies and companies of all sizes, without lengthy start-up times or the high costs typically associated with them.

Our Goals

  • to provide vision and leadership for quality improvement;

  • to enable clients to customize solutions to specific organizational requirements;

  • to share proven strategic and tactical "how-to" solutions;

  • to mentor clients on an on-going basis in product and process improvement;

  • to supply in-house or off-site training services to persons and organizations interested in raising their level of professional competence in the areas of Quality Assurance and Quality Control;

  • to perform in-house or off-site software and system testing services;

  • to provide highly skilled professionals to fulfill clients’ needs in product improvement, product testing, test management, and process implementation;

  • to support clients to ensure their solution implementations are successful; and,

  • to furnish clients the necessary quality tools to implement, track and sustain their quality improvement process

    Code of Ethics

Ranch River Group, Inc., having been conceived and created by certified quality professionals Gary Mulcahy and Charlotte Berta, subscribes to and promotes the Quality Assurance Institute’s (QAI) Code of Ethics.

  1. Exercise honesty, objectivity, and diligence in the performance of their duties and responsibilities.
  2. Exhibit loyalty in all matters pertaining to the affairs of their organization or to whomever they may be rendering a service. However, they shall not knowingly be party to any illegal or improper activity.
  3. Not engage in acts or activities that are discreditable to the profession of information services quality assurance or their organization.
  4. Refrain from entering any activity that may be in conflict with the interest of their organization or would prejudice their ability to carry out objectively their duties and responsibilities.
  5. Not accept anything of value from an employee, client, customer, supplier, or business associate of their organization that would impair or be presumed to impair their professional judgment and integrity.
  6. Undertake only those services that they can reasonably expect to complete with professional competence.
  7. Be prudent in the use of information acquired in the course of their duties. They shall not use confidential information for any personal gain nor in any manner that would be contrary to law or detrimental to the welfare of their organization.
  8. Reveal all material facts known to them that, if not revealed, could either distort reports of operation under review or conceal unlawful practices.
  9. Continually strive for improvement in their proficiency, and in the effectiveness and quality of their service.
  10. In the practice of their profession, shall be ever mindful of their obligation to maintain the high standards of competence, morality, and dignity promulgated by this code of ethics.
  11. Maintain and improve their professional competency through continuing education.
  12. Cooperate in the development and interchange of knowledge for mutual professional benefit.
  13. Maintain high personal standards of moral responsibility, character, and business integrity.  

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